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For us the pre-sales phase is just as important as the after-sales phase. For this reason, Maggi Technology has built and consolidated its reputation on the very high quality of its after-sales service.

We strongly believe that providing all necessary assistance to those who have bought our products is essential for demonstrating, not only respect, but also and above all our reliability as a business partner. Our customer care has consolidated our good reputation as loyal business partners over time.

The key points we have built our after-sales service on are:

A simple and intuitive spare parts area for identifying the part you need. You simply need to have the serial number of a machine, click on ‘search’ and in just a while you will have access to the PDF files in which you can immediately find the spare part you need with the relative code.

Spare parts. We guarantee availability for up to 10 years from the date of manufacture and, for some parts, up to 20 years.

Support at the woodworker’s workshop. If needed, we send one of our specialised technicians to the woodworker’s workshop to solve any problems. 

Remote assistance. For all software and mechanical support needs, we have a dedicated app which enables us to get in touch with you or your technician and to guide you using the video camera of your smartphone or tablet without Wi-Fi - a data connection will suffice.

Our smart remote assistance is free, and we also use it for the semi-automatic boring machines, the radial arm saws, and feeders. Thanks to augmented reality technology and instant translation into 80 languages (chat and voice), we can guide an operator on the other side of the world towards finding the solution to a problem, in real-time. Advanced technology which makes your life easier. Easy to understand and accessible to everybody. Maggi makes much more available for their dealers: 

Video, manuals, downloads, technical documentation, training sections. 

Remote training and training webinars: we provide various types of training for in-depth technical courses.

Continuous upgrade of the machines and software: our technical office works continuously to improve mechanics, and offer new accessories and upgrades to improve the software of our machines.

An expert at your disposal: a contact person will always be available to assist You at best.


Mon/Fri 9-12.30 am 2-5.30 pm


Sales Consultancy


Technical Assistance

Always with you

The relationship we develop with our customer has different stages and aspects. 

  • Prior to purchase, providing information and advice is part of our routine;
  • We train your technicians;
  • Upon request, we install the machine;
  • We provide professional and timely after-sales support, with unique technologies;
  • We supply instruction manuals and tutorials. We supply spare parts in 48 hours, for machines up to 10 years old.   

We pay particular attention to the network of our resellers, loyal partners who have rewarded all our work for decades. Our resellers are regularly informed about the latest news within our production range and the developments in the sector. We care about team-work and give value to the relationship with our dealers.