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We have 60 years of experience in the sector. Our company was established in 1963 by Lionello Maggi. A mechanic with design skills, extensive experience in the world of feeders, who decided to start his own business. For years he had worked in a company that manufactured such products. Rich in creativity and the desire to stand out, aware of his skills and with an entrepreneurial spirit, he began to design, plan, and test his first automatic feeder, founding his company. After just six years the small artisan business was doing very well in the European market.

In the early Seventies the company had ten employees. Maggi products achieved high market penetration thanks to the manufacturing soundness of the models, the excellent value for money and the strong international disposition. 

Actually, since the beginning, as well as being the owner and an entrepreneur - like a true pioneer -Lionello travelled and participated in trade fairs, visited resellers and potential customers himself. In this way, he established lasting business relationships throughout the world. This attention to human relationships has not only multiplied turnover, but it has also left an indelible ethical footprint in the company which, to this day, is attentive to the value of human relationships, which are considered the foundation of business relationships.

Lionello, with his research and development team, monitored the market and, in this way, designed, planned, and created the first radial arm saws and vertical panel saws which, like the feeders, were a big success. 

The Maggi company continued to grow. And in 1976 moved to the nowadays bigger plant. Its inclination towards international relationships, over the years, turned into extensive experience in exports, especially to Germany, Great Britain, the USA, as well as Australia and South Africa, as the products were competitive even against major market leaders.

We have continuously invested in research and development since the 1980s. All feeder and radial arm saw models have been updated, and the first semi-automatic single-head boring machine with 23 spindles has been introduced. 

In 1991, Lionel Maggi opened to other shareholders who became members of the Board of Directors. 

Over the decades the company has managed to play a prominent role on the international market and to grow thanks to its good reputation, the greatest care for customers,  business partners, the  employees, and a worldwide  sales network based on loyal relationships of trust and sincere esteem and, of course, the valuable products, offering an excellent quality-price ratio, preserved, and improved over time. 

In 2009, the company designed and created the first EVO (Evolution) boring machine, and in the next years developed an entire range. The true leap in quality for Maggi Technology occurred in 2017 with the GT 800 model, a revolutionary solution for top of the range boring machines for small-scale artisans: the first CNC E.P. boring machine “for beginners”; programmable by anyone - without training - as easy as using a smartphone. At an affordable price for all. The mechanism of this boring machine follows the manufacturing principles of the company’s approach: simple, efficient, durable. The software was designed and created with the same principle and is considered revolutionary simply because it grants artisans flexibility and competitiveness with an investment suited to their real needs.

In 2016 Maggi inaugurated the new assembly line for the single-head boring machines, inspired by the principles of the "Lean " manufacturing philosopy : optimisation, well-planning, and reduction of waste; this new line allowed us to increase our productivity, guarantee certain and quick deliveries and improve our quality, thus, becoming more and more competitive on the global market; even with respect to the large groups in the sector.

From 2019 to 2021, i.e. during the Covid Pandemic, and despite many difficulties, Maggi has never stopped developping their projects, manufacturing their products and serving their customers, always staying close to them ensuring a full-time sales consultancy and professional after-sale service, even by using a revolutionary APP, allowing our technicians to give on-line technical assistance in real time.

In 2021 Maggi inaugurated another two " Lean" assembly lines for the production of their power-feeding units and radial arm-saws and also renewed their web-site completely : a platform very rich in contents, and very easy to surf, at the service of their customers, i.e. our wide net of loyal dealers, thus also abiding by our values such as simplicity and efficiency which ultimately mean being oriented to the customer's real needs, and to problem solving, in order to make our dealers' work and life easier so that they can make the most of their time .

In 2022 in the international set of the Xylexpo fair, in Milan, Maggi launched their first NC electronic multi-spindle boring machine " 21 TECHNOLOGY", another Maggi Patent, as well as the new E.P ( easily programmable) Software for the Boring System EVOLUTION line.

In May 2023, during the biannal international wood-working machinery fair "Ligna" in Hannover, Germany, Maggi will display the latest innovations and will celebrate their 60th anniversary by a special event dedicated to all of their business partners who supported us during  this long and exciting journey