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Maggi's focus in on the world. We are used to working together with people of all backgrounds and cultures. In over 50 years of business, we have gained extensive experience in exports and in providing solutions suited to our customers’ needs. 

The key points on which our support service is built are:

human relationships, courtesy visits, and direct acquaintance. It is a pleasure to meet you in person in your company or to welcome you and get to know you in our showroom;

a sales consultant at your disposal. You will be assigned a contact person so you can continue staying in touch with us from anywhere in the world, via telephone, WhatsApp, Skype, email or chat;

information, technical specifications, manuals, and other materials. We can provide you with all the documentation you require concerning the products of interest and any necessary clarifications; 

availability, fairness, humanity. Our business relationships are based on listening to the customer’s needs to come to agreements which satisfy both parties involved, offering win – win situation;

financial services and methods of payment. We are experts at finding the right financial formula for you and we can agree on a method of payment which suits your needs;

reliability and quick deliveries. An essential part of the service is that our delivery times are granted and our logistic dpt. Can arrange the shipment of Your orders all over the world very quickly.


Mon/Fri 9-12.30 am 2-5.30 pm


Sales Consultancy


Technical Assistance

Always with you

The relationship we develop with our customer has different stages and aspects. 

  • Prior to purchase, providing information and advice is part of our routine;
  • We train your technicians;
  • Upon request, we install the machine;
  • We provide professional and timely after-sales support, with unique technologies;
  • We supply instruction manuals and tutorials. We supply spare parts in 48 hours, for machines up to 10 years old.   

We pay particular attention to the network of our resellers, loyal partners who have rewarded all our work for decades. Our resellers are regularly informed about the latest news within our production range and the developments in the sector. We care about team-work and give value to the relationship with our dealers.