Engineered for you

Our products are created to make life easier for artisans, small-scale kitchen manufacturers and companies who build custom-made furniture. Our goal is to make sure they are happy to rely on us to meet their needs for reliable, simple, strong, efficient, and flexible machines with an investment suited to their needs. 

To achieve this goal, we have developed a customer-focused approach, oriented towards the real needs of the market and the principles of service excellence. Maggi gathers information and monitors market changes, sharing ideas deriving from various disciplines, integrating them with the best existing technologies. 

In 2015, the need to renew our company led us to become acquainted with the “lean” philosophy and methodology, also known as “Toyota Production System”. Since then, we have brought about a shift in our business plan and the entire company to provide effective solutions to the needs of our customers. The lean methodology reduces waste to a minimum, involves every single member of staff along the value chain with continuous attention to quality, rigorous control of processes, and numerous patents.

All machines are designed and built to be simple and durable. The high technology we use is at the service of the user. We avoid the superfluous that is often a source of wear, complicates the user’s work, requires extensive expertise and high maintenance costs.

As manufacturers we focus on durable materials, we design strong mechanisms and modular components for an easy spare-parts service. We always manufacture in Italy, and we can afford to be competitive.

These are the foundations that guarantee the reliability of our machines, our service, and our company. In this way, Maggi Technology aims to help customers face the ever-changing, increasingly complex, and challenging market.